Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane Hire In Sydney

Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane

The Potain Igo 36 is a self-erecting tower crane. It is not only an exremely compact self-erecting tower crane, but it is also one of the most versatile options. The Igo 36 offers excellent value for money, and it is effortless to operate. The Igo 36 has a lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a maximum 10.7m radius, with a maximum jib length of 32m. The Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane is specifically designed to be used in restricted areas such as narrow streets, tight alleyways, or even indoors. Other Potain Tower Cranes such as the Tower Crane Potain HD-40A and Tower Crane Potain HD-16 are also available for hire from AOR Cranes Sydney. With proven reliability and performance in heavy-duty applications, it is ideal for working on steep sites or where there are obstructions close to the ground.

What is a Self Erecting Tower Crane?

Self-erecting tower cranes are heavy-duty equipment used in industrial environments to move materials, products, and other items such as steel beams. These cranes are quite useful for lifting large objects that can be hard to move by hand. Tower cranes are known for their ability to work on various terrain around the construction site. The main advantage of a tower crane is that it does not need a base or column. This is because tower cranes do not require large bases or columns to support them. The crane is mounted on top of a rail car with wheels attached, allowing the crane to be easily moved around the construction site. Once set up, these towers are essentially ready for use.

What is a Self Erecting Tower Crane Used For?

Self-erecting tower cranes are one of the most popular crane types. They have been around and been tested for many years and continue to be the top choice for many builders and contractors. Tower cranes are used in many construction tasks.

Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane Features

The Igo 36 is well adapted to various lifting applications with a 4 tonner load capacity and 10.7m working radius and can be delivered fully assembled on a low bed type truck or trailer. With multiple transport options, the Igo 36 is easy to move from site to site with minimal effort. The Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane is also quick to set up. Requiring very few people to assemble, you’ll find the Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane easy to operate in various conditions. The Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane’s incredible features make it one of the best options for almost any job site.

The Potain Igo 36 Self Erecting Tower Crane Features are as follows:

  • A self-erecting system allowing rapid assembly in little time
  • Maximum height: 26 m
  • Jib length: 32 m
  • Max lifting capacity: 4t 
  • Mechanical winch (2 speeds) with fixed sheave

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