Potain Hup 32-27 Hire In Sydney

POTAIN HUP 32-27 Crane Hire Sydney  

Potain Hup 32-27 self-erecting crane is a tower crane greatly depended upon for both big and small operations to deliver a powerful performance every time. 

Potain Hup 32-27 self-erecting crane features several lines thus providing real solutions to the most demanding challenges when it comes to heights. 

This self-erecting crane is designed with dedication to quality, high performance, and productivity. Contact the AOR Cranes today for more information on our lineup and to find the perfect crane for your needs!

Potain Hup 32-27 Features

  • Max Capacity: 4.4 t 
  • Max Radius: 105 ft 
  • Max Tip Capacity: 1.1 t 
  • Hook Height per Base: 89 ft 

Potain Hup 32-27 Capability

The control system of the Potain Hup 32 – 27 does more than just unfold the crane. Its remote control together with a full-colour display and jog dial screen navigation allows operation of the crane from the ground and comes standard with three different operation modes to cater to the needs of the job and the preferences of the operator. 

The system also comes standard with maintenance indicators, current radius indicators, and an integrated diagnostic system. 

High performance lifting and slewing technologies provide incredibly high-speed lifting of maximum loads and better accuracy and responsiveness in crane movements. High-speed lifting is achieved through four fall revving and is automatically adapted to the load. 

If you would like more information on the Potain Hup 32 – 27, please contact us now, or email us to get a free quote. Here are a few things you stand to gain when you hire a Potain Hup 32 – 27 

  • Maximum flexibility: New crane technology offers multiple configurations for more lifting options up to 20 possible crane configurations: 2 positions telescopic mast + 4 jib position + 3 jib configurations. 
  • Unmatched compact design: Ideal for easy transport and challenging job sites. Compatible with Igo transport axle. New ground adjustable system up to 8% slope for simple and efficient set
  • Easy access to the new electrical panel for convenient serviceability
  • Innovative movement technology enables narrow and compact erection
  • Jib unfolds to preserve space under the crane when working next to buildings

Retains its compact transport dimensions during folding-unfolding  

  • Exclusive remote control and full-colour screen with jog dial navigation. Operations indicators and maintenance warning information screens 

Potain Hup 32-27 Sydney Crane Hire, AOR  Cranes

Since our inception in 1992, we have worked in the Sydney metro area, NSW regional areas and interstate.

AOR Cranes are pleased to provide high-quality crane hire services throughout Sydney Australia and the nearby suburbs. Our crane hire solutions are fit for versatile purposes including construction, industrial, utilities, rail, and events. 

Our crane hiring services offer a fleet of cranes that fits the demands of your project. We strive to execute your project as simple as possible throughout the whole process, crane hire has never been simpler than with us.

If you would like to find out more information about our cranes for hire, or our services more generally, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team. Call us on 0414 441 667 or visit our contact us page here. We look forward to hearing from you!

LTM 1090 4.1 Crane Hire Sydney

Do you need to hire crane services in Sydney? AOR Cranes has got your back. We have the widest range of crawler cranes, tower cranes, rough terrain cranes, and all-terrain cranes for hire. 

The Liebherr LTM 1090 all-terrain mobile crane has a maximum lift capacity of 90 tons, and a maximum telescoping main boom length of 164 feet, with a lattice jib extending to a maximum of 86 feet. This crane features an unusual two-engine design with a performance-matched Liebherr crane engine to ensure economic crane operation.

Whatever it is you want to lift, hiring from us delivers your desired result effortlessly. Our fleet of cranes combined with our expertise at delivering ensures that your project gets completed at the scheduled date. Nothing is too heavy to lift and no height is too high to reach with our cranes.

LTM 1090 4.1 Features

  • Max. load capacity; 90 t
  • At radius; 3.00 m
  • Telescopic boom; from 11.10 m
  • Telescopic boom; to 50.00 m
  • Lattice jib; from 10.5 m
  • Lattice jib; up to 26.0 m
  • Drive engine/make; Liebherr
  • Drive engine; 6-Zylinder-Diesel
  • Drive engine/power; 350 kW
  • Number of axles; 4
  • Crane engine; 4-Zylinder-Diesel
  • Crane engine/power; 129 kW
  • Drive/Steering standard; 8 x 6 x 8
  • Driving speed; 70.00 km/h
  • Total ballast; 21.00 t

LTM 1090 4.1 Capability

The Liebherr LTM 1090 is safe and precise at lifting loads. Its outstanding mobility, power and economy distinguish this crane from others.

The Liebherr LTM 1090 can be driven all over the world at a low cost as it can be configured with a whole series of different axle loads for driving on roads and sites. 

Its ECOdrive and ECOmode increases productivity by reducing fuel consumption and noise emissions. This is an important feature that makes drivers safe, comfortable and eco-friendly. The Liebherr VarioBallast and VarioBase innovations enhance its capacity, safety and flexibility.

LTM 1090 4.1 Sydney Crane Hire, AOR  Cranes

Regardless of the uniqueness of your project and its demand, when you hire cranes with AOR cranes, you will receive professional service, hinged upon 28 solid years of remarkable industry practice that has gained us a Sydney Wide reputation for excellence and credits from our competitors. 

As a part of our service, we provide you with ancillary equipment, specialist recommendations as well as vital resources that set you up for success from the get-go of your project, ensuring that the duration of your lease goes as smoothly as possible.

Our zero-accident safety culture, professional expertise and flawless services, is unrivalled within the industry.


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